Management Resources for Community Associations
MHA/CIC Midwest is a membership organization that provides education and resources to managers and board members of owner-occupied multi housing (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations). To learn more about membership, and to join, please visit the membership page.


The following articles appeared in CIC Midwest News. They may be reprinted in your community association newsletter or circulated to your homeowners with the author's name on the article, and the following acknowledgement: "Reprinted with permission from CIC Midwest/Minnesota Multi Housing Association. For more information, go to www.CICMidwest.com"

Accidental Landlords, Foreclosure, and Communication, Jennifer Olson, Guardian Property Management, Spring 2010, pg. 12.

Anatomy of a Welcome Letter, Summer 2005, pg. 15

Can You Hear Me Now?: Make Sure Your Communication Isn’t Breaking Up, Stacey Hanke, 1st Impressions Consulting, Winter 2014, pg. 21

CIC Communications: Keep It Simple, Choose Your Channel, Get It Out, and Make Follow-Up Easy  Terry Randolph, T. Randolph Communications, Winter 2008, pg. 13

Developing an Effective Communications Program for Your Community in the Digital Age, Jeffrey O’Brien, Esq., Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen, Summer 2010, pg. 24

How to Deal with Difficult People, Angie French, Mid Continent Management, Summer 2011, pg. 13

Improve Your Communications, Cindy Reiter, Westport Properties, Winter 2010, pg. 29

Managing Your Online Reputation: New Tools, Old RulesJeffrey O'Brien, Esq., Mansfield Tanick & Cohen, P.A., Spring 2011, pg. 23

Smooth the Troubled Water, Toni Crockett, New Concepts Management, Spring 2006, pg. 9

Ten Website Writing Tips, Tina Gassman,  Winter 2014, pg. 23

What is the Board’s Role in the Association’s Facebook Page?, Jeffrey O’Brien, Lommen Abdo Law Firm, Winter 2013, pg. 23

Where is My Money Going? (A Day in the Life) Pat Butler, Dunbar Strandness, Inc., Fall 2001, pg. 3


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