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MHA/CIC Midwest is a membership organization that provides education and resources to managers and board members of owner-occupied multi housing (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations). To learn more about membership, and to join, please visit the membership page.


The following articles appeared in CIC Midwest News. They may be reprinted in your community association newsletter or circulated to your homeowners with the author's name on the article, and the following acknowledgement: "Reprinted with permission from CIC Midwest/Minnesota Multi Housing Association. For more information, go to www.CICMidwest.com"

Addressing the Real Issues with the New Appraisal Rules, Jeffrey A. Johnson, and Brian Manthey, Fall 2009, pg. 33

Association Fraud – Are You Protected, Scott Callahan, CPA, Casey, Menden, Faust, & Nelson, P.A., Winter 2012, pg. 7
Audit, Review or None of the Above? Scott Callahan, CPA, Callahan, Johnston & Associates, Winter 2009, pg. 11

Audit and Review Requirements for Minnesota Associations, Scott M. Callahan, CPA, Casey, Menden, Faust & Nelson, P.A., Fall 2015, pg. 13
Bankruptcy of an Association, Legal Q & A with Dan Greenstein, Fall 2008, pg. 9
Borrowing for Major Repairs, Part 1,  Community Association Banc, Spring 2003, pg. 9

Borrowing for Major Repairs, Part 2, Community Association Banc, Summer 2003, pg. 13

Budget Basics, Cindy Reiter, Westport Properties, Fall 2013, pg. 13

Can Your Association Afford Needed Capital Improvements?  Chad A. Johnson, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, LLC, Winter 2007, pg. 13

CD Ladders Even Out Rate Cycle, Thomas Engblom, Community Association Banc, Spring 2009, pg. 17

Charging an Initiation Fee to New Homeowners? Legal Q & A with Dan Greenstein, Spring 2008, pg. 5

CIC Living 101: Finance Basics for Common Interest Communities, Ronald E. Brunk, Cities Management, Summer 2008, pg. 21

City Money to Finance Your Association's Improvements, Mary Leder, New Concepts Management, Summer 2009, pg. 7
Drying Up Delinquencies, Winter 2002, pg. 15

Easy Ways to Trim the Fat from Your Budget, Lance Stendal, Omega Management, Fall 2011, pg. 12

Economic Downturn and Your Association’s Budget, Alan D. Seilhammer, Community Association Banc, Winter 2009, pg. 3

FHA Condominium Project Approvals Expiration Dates Extended, Anita M. Olson, FHA Account Liaison, Minneapolis HUD Field Office, Winter 2011, pg. 18

FHA Financing Approval Requirements - Recent Changes, Phaedra J. Howard, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Fall 2011, pg. 21

Funding for Association Improvements Through Your City: Home Improvement Area (HIA), Doug Strandness, Dunbar Strandness, Fall 2013, pg. 11

Good Ideas to Reduce Costs (Recycling, Magic Jack, Mobile Tool Shop, Insulated Paint), Winter 2011, pg. 19

Good Ideas to Reduce Costs (Caulk, Engergy, DIY Tips), Spring 2011, pg. 25

Great Ideas to Save Money Outdoors (Mulch, Shared Services, Water Usage), Fall 2011, pg. 11

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan: Loan Modification and Loan Refinancing, Jeffrey O'Brien, Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen, Summer 2009, pg. 3

How to Do a Budget for Your CIC, Stacy Ekholm, CommonBond Communities, Fall 2006, pg. 11

How to Hire a CPA, Scott Callahan, CPA, Casey, Menden, Faust & Nelson, P.A., Spring 2012, pg. 17

How to Explain Why Associations Pay Different Dues Rates, Paul Roth, New Concepts Management, Fall 2009, pg. 5

How to Fund Major Replacements When You Have No Reserves, Housing Improvement Areas, the Financing Answer to the Nightmare, Douglas Strandness, Dunbar Strandness, Fall 2011, pg. 7

Loans for Community Associations, Spring 2006, pg. 23
Managers Talk About…Managing Through an Economic Downturn, Summer 2008, pg. 13

New FHA Certification Rules: Will Your Association be Approved?, David J. McGree, Thomsen Nybeck, Winter 2010, pg. 19

New Revenue Sources for Your HOA: A Rescue or Risk? Gene Sullivan, New Concepts Management, Fall 2011, pg. 9

Prepare Now to be Loan Worthy Later, Thomas Engblom, Community Association Banking , a division of Mutual of Omaha Bank, Fall 2012, pg. 17

Protecting Your Association’s Investments, Pamela E. Mullen, and Ronald L. Ornatowski, Community Advantage of Barrington Bank and Trust, a Wintrust Company, Fall 2013, pg. 14

Reading Association Financial Statements, Scott M. Callahan, CPA, Casey, Menden, Faust & Nelson, P.A., Fall 2012, pg. 19

Responsibilities of the Treasurer, Mary Ann Tellers, Aquila Commons Cooperative, Spring 2010, pg. 25

Setting Assessment Levels, Winter 2002, pg. 2

Simplifying the Budgeting Process, Brandon Stendal, Final Coat Painting, Inc., Fall 2002, pg. 9

Successful Collection Procedures, Chad Johnson, Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Winter 2003, pg. 11
Ten Most Common Budget Areas That Have Fat in Them, Lance Stendal, Omega Management, Fall 2003, pg. 3

What Do All Those Numbers Mean? Ron Brunk, Cities Management, Winter 2003, pg. 7


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