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MHA/CIC Midwest is a membership organization that provides education and resources to managers and board members of owner-occupied multi housing (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations). To learn more about membership, and to join, please visit the membership page.

Legal Q & A Column with Dan Greenstein

The following articles appeared in CIC Midwest News. They may be reprinted in your community association newsletter or circulated to your homeowners with the author's name on the article, and the following acknowledgement: "Reprinted with permission from CIC Midwest/Minnesota Multi Housing Association. For more information, go to www.CICMidwest.com"

Access to Information, Winter 2013, pg. 16

Appropriate Legal Methods of Electing Board Members? Winter 2006, pg. 7

Back Assessments for Maintenance and Violations? Winter 2006, pg. 7

Background Check on Your Treasurer? Spring 2014, pg. 17

Bankruptcy of an Association, Fall 2008, pg. 9

Board’s Authority Over a Wood Burning Fireplace, Fall 2010, pg. 19

Board Decisions, Winter 2013, pg. 16

Board Members’ Duties & Responsibilities, Winter 2015, pg. 15

Conventional Domesticated Animals?
Summer 2006, pg. 19

Conventional Pets?  Fines for Disturbing the Neighbors?,
Fall 2015, pg. 17

Cooperatives & Condominiums, Fall 2014, pg. 11

Dealing with Renter Who Doesn't Follow Association's Rules,  Winter 2007, pg. 3

Delinquent Dues and Acceleration?  Fall 2006, cover
Developer Foreclosure, Who is In Control? Spring 2009, pg. 11

Displaying Religious Items, Spring 2015, pg.15

Do Amendments to Bylaws Need to be Recorded with the State? Winter 2006, pg. 7

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Pet Rules? Fall 2006, cover
Don't Make Your Neighbors Miserable, Jason G. Prasch, Esq., Summer 2011, pg. 9

Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations, Fall 2009, pg. 11

Fee for New Homeowners, Spring 2008, pg. 5

Fines for Talking Disrespectfully, Winter 2013, pg. 16

Fines for Rule Infractions? Summer 2005, pg. 7

Following Governing Documents or Minnesota Law? Winter 2011, pg. 20

Foreclosure by a Mortgage Lender, Summer 2007, pg. 3

Getting Records Back, Fall 2011, pg. 19

Hold Closed Meetings? Spring 2006, pg. 9
How We Can Prove "Just Cause" to Remove a Director? Spring 2008, pg. 5
Interested in 55+ Living? Make Sure Your Association Doesn’t Get Sued, Spring 2013, pg. 14

Is Conciliation Court an Option for Your Board?,
Matthew S. Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, P.A., Summer 2013, pg. 18

Legal Issues of Self-Managed vs. Professionally Managed, Winter 2011, pg. 20

Management Company Instead of a Board? Winter 2009, pg. 27

Marijuana Smoking in Condominiums?
 Winter 2006, pg. 7

My Neighbor is a Smoker, Summer 2010, pg. 13

Nuisance Fines? Summer 2006, pg. 19

Our Board Won't Fund Our Reserves!  Fall 2007, pg. 3

Our Neighborhood Has Changed. What Can We Do? Fall 2010, pg. 17
Paying Board Members? Spring 2005, pg. 5
Paying People to be on Your Board? Spring 2014, pg. 17

Pet Peeves: Ineligible Pets and Temporary Cats, Winter 2008, pg. 7

Picketing at our Association? Fall 2006, cover

Policy on Who Can Contact the Association's Attorney,  Winter 2007, pg. 5

Privacy in my Unit?, Fall 2012, pg. 23

Privacy Issues – What Can We Communicate About Our Homeowners? Spring 2010, pg. 13

Private Transfer Fees, Spring 2011, pg. 9

Procedures for Changing the Different Parts of the Governing Documents, Winter 2007, pg. 3

Recording board meetings?, Dan Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, Winter 2014, pg. 19

Reimbursement of Surplus Reserves? Spring 2005, pg. 5

Rentals by the Week?, Fall 2012, pg. 23

Renters on the board?,
Dan Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, Winter 2014, pg. 19

Repayment of Extra DuesFall 2011, pg. 19

Risks and Liabilities (Conflict of Interest, Workman's Comp, and Background Screening), Winter 2012, pg. 11

Rules for Oil Stains on Driveways? Summer 2005, pg. 7 
Rules for Parking Cars? Summer 2005, pg. 7

Transitioning to Resident Control? Spring 2009, pg. 11

Tricky Property Lines, Fall 2011, pg. 19

Unfinished Units, Bankrupt Developer & Liability, Winter 2010, pg. 23

When a Declarant Walks Away from a Development, Summer 2009, pg. 23



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