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MHA/CIC Midwest is a membership organization that provides education and resources to managers and board members of owner-occupied multi housing (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations). To learn more about membership, and to join, please visit the membership page.


The following articles appeared in CIC Midwest News. They may be reprinted in your community association newsletter or circulated to your homeowners with the author's name on the article, and the following acknowledgement: "Reprinted with permission from CIC Midwest/Minnesota Multi Housing Association. For more information, go to www.CICMidwest.com"

Architectural Control in Community Associations, Phaedra J. Howard, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Winter 2014, pg. 13

Architectural Requirements and Your Association, Nathan Knoernschild, Esq., Thomsen & Nybeck, Spring 2014, pg. 21 

Asphalt Maintenance, Peter Tjornhom, TruSeal America, LLC, Summer 2011, pg. 27

At Your Request: Comparing Bids with a Well Crafted RFP (Request for Proposal), Jim Mitchall, Director of Facilities, CommonBond Communities, Fall 2007, pg. 2

Basement Moisture Problems, John Lamoureux, Advanced Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs, Inc., Fall 2014, pg. 29

Bid and Proposal Process, Brandon Stendal, Final Coat Painting, Summer 2002, pg. 3
Bidding Process with Vendors, Linda Wilkins, Litehouse Management, Fall 2009, pg. 31

Case Study: Changing to a Chlorine Generation Pool System, Matt Lupkes and William Herrmann, Greensboro Square Condominiums, Summer 2010, pg. 27

Choosing Paint Color for Your Association, Paul Bergevin, Hirshfield's Paint Company, Summer 2006, pg. 7

CIC Living 101: Replacing and Repairing Windows in a CIC Unit, Terry DeRosier, Window World, Fall 2008, pg. 17

CIC Living 101: Air Duct Cleaning, John Farrell, Advanced Cleaning Technolgoies, Spring 2010, pg. 23
CIC Living 101: Vent Cleaning, John Farrell, Advanced Cleaning Technologies, Spring 2008, pg. 23

Common Service and Safety Issues with Garage Doors, Steve Donohue, Great Garage Door, Spring 2015, pg. 13

Concrete Inspection: When to Replace it, and How to Make it Last, Michael Houghtaling, TruSeal America, Spring 2011, pg. 15

Contracting Major Work, John G. Russo, Construction Consulting & Inspections, Ltd., Summer 2003, pg. 5

Customer Bill of Rights, Brian Delmont, Bonfe’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Service, Winter 2009, pg. 13

Estimating How Long Your Roof Will Last, Clay Curran, American Building Contractors, Inc., Fall 2010, pg. 7

Fall Maintenance Checklist, Matthew Lupkes, Greensboro Condominiums, Summer 2009, page 21

Fall Maintenance Checklist, Fall 2003, pg. 13

Finding Your Lawn Care/Snow Removal Company, Ryan Ridgley, Green Stuff Outdoor Services, Spring 2012, pg. 23

Five Tips for Negotiating Better Vendor Contracts, Matt Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, P.A., Fall 2015, pg. 23 

Frost Heaving – Winter Woes Require Summer Remedies, Clair Schaff, Levin & Edin; and Kent Jones, Encompass, Spring 2010, pg. 19
Fundamentals of Preparing a Paint Bid, Rob Jenkins, Elliott's Painting & Decorating, Spring 2006, pg. 11

Garage Door Inspection, Steve Donohue, Great Garage Door, Spring 2011, pg. 13

How Should We Contract for Snow Plowing Service?, Randy Toth, Outdoor Images, Winter 2004, pg. 3

How to Choose a Replacement Window, Terry Derosier, Window World, Spring 2011, pg. 19

How to Choose New Siding, John G. Russo, Construction Consulting & Inspections, Ltd., Winter, 2003, Front Cover

How to Deal with Moisture Intrusion in Common Interest Communities, Mark A. Opdahl, Senior Building Consultant, Center for Energy and Environment, Spring 2004, pg. 22

How to Do an Effective Fall Walk-Through, Sarah Fuller, Suburban Services, Fall 2007, pg. 11

How to Prepare the Surface Prior to Painting, Rob Jenkins, Elliott's Painting and Decorating, Inc., Summer 2004, pg. 9

How Roof Algae Could be Costing You Money, Thomas Richter, Shingle Care, Summer 2009, pg. 19

Inside Scoop on Shingle Warranties, Clay Curran, American Building Contractors, Summer 2010, pg. 25

Inside Scoop on Vendor Management, Chris C. Michels, Allied Waste Services of the Twin Cities, Fall 2007, pg. 13

Integrated Maintenance Programs for Community Associations
Michelle Stephans, PE, RS, PRA, Reserve Advisors, Inc., Fall 2012, pg. 26

Keep Your CIC Clean, Nita Illsley, Dakota Commercial Services, Fall 2006, pg. 15

Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program, Todd B. Liljenquist, Director of Government Relations, Minnesota Multi Housing Association, Spring 2010, pg. 27

Legal Aspects of Hiring Contractors, Chad Johnson, Hellmuth and Johnson, PLLC, Summer 2007, pg. 7

Maintenance for Air Conditioners, Todd Winsor, CommonBond Communities, Fall 2008, pg. 25

Maintenance Obligations – Who is Responsible?, Phaedra J. Howard, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Spring 2013, pg. 9

Managers Talk…About Winter Maintenance, Winter 2007, pg. 2

My New Home Has Water Damage, Charles Bradshaw, Cities Management, Summer 2002, pg. 7

Negotiating with Vendors, Phaedra Howard, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Spring 2012, pg. 27

New Flooring for Your Common Areas? Think Big!, Cynthia Nilles, Value Plus Flooring, Spring 2013, pg. 25

New Restrictions for Negotiating Storm Damage Claims, Roofing Contractors and Homeowners Beware, Deb Newell, Thomsen & Nybeck, Spring 2011, pg. 7

Oh, the Difference a Little More Time Can Make: DOE asked to restart the process of establishing new furnace efficiency standard, Gene Sullivan, New Concepts Management, Spring 2013, pg. 21

Options for Dealing with Ice Dams, Phill Stitt, Garlock-French Roofing Corp., Fall 2002, pg. 5

Paint Industry Changes, Paul Bergevin, Hirshfield’s Paints and Coatings, Winter 2014, pg. 18 

Pay Me Now, or Pay me Later: Preventive Maintenance Programs, Phil Fischer, The Egan Company, Fall 2007, pg. 15

Preparation Guide for Flood and Storm Season, Darby Bitzan, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration, Spring 2011, pg. 21

Prepare for Storm Season: What Minnesota Homeowners Need to Know, Matt Olson and Jennifer Sorensen, Minnesota Exteriors, Inc, Spring 2013, pg. 15

Preparing Your Association for Summer Storm Season, Darby Bitzan, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration; and Alexis Hammond, Giertsen Company, Summer 2008, pg. 5

Preventing Aklali Stains, Summer 2006, pg. 13
Purchasing New Carpet,  Paul Bergevin, Sherwin-Williams Floor Covering, Spring 2002, pg. 11
Raising the Roof, Fall 2006, pg. 9

Regulation Changes that Affect Property Renovation or Redevelopment, Bruce A. Boehm Carlson, Vieau Associates, Summer 2011, pg. 28

Roof Maintenance Can Delay Replacement, Molly Mortenson, NMC Exteriors, Spring 2014, pg. 29

Sealing Your Wood Deck, Tom Seabloom, 21st Century Coatings, LLC, Summer 2004, pg. 13

Simple Crack in a Stucco Wall, Mark Opdahl, Center for Energy and Environment, Summer 2007, pg. 2

Spring Exterior Inspection, Don Huizenga, American Building Contractors, Spring 2011, pg. 18

Spring Maintenance Inspections, Scott Larson, Under Construction Services, Spring, 2003, Cover

Spring Property Inspection Checklist, Richard Hutsell, Premier Management, LLC, Spring 2011, pg. 11

Spring Walk-through & the Law: Not a Walk in the Park, Chris Renz, Thomsen & Nybeck, P.A., Spring 2013, pg. 7

Top Fall Maintenance Tips for Your CIC, Dave Olmscheid, Metro Paving; Matt Lupkes, Gassen Management; Joseph Kummer, Guardian Property Management and Small Apartment Maintenance, Fall 2010, pg. 11

Tips for the Spring Walk-through, Jim Rosvold, Omega Management, Spring 2015, pg. 11
Waste Not, Want Not: Controlling Waste Removal Costs, Chris C. Michels, Sales Manager, Allied Waste of the Twin Cities, Winter 2007, pg. 7

What am I Getting for My Money?, Tim Magnuson, Asset Exteriors/Restoration Services, Inc., Fall 2015, pg.25

What Are Low VOC and No VOC Paints? Why should your association use them?  Jeff Balik, PPG Pittsburgh Paints, Summer 2010, pg. 29

What Can Be Done to Remove Ice Dams? John Thurber, President, All Elements, Inc., Winter 2014, pg. 12

What to Do About Ice Dams, Molly Mortenson, NMC Exteriors & Remodeling, Fall 2014, pg. 26

When to Hire an Electrician, Winter, 2007, pg. 15

Window Condensation and What You Can Do About It, Darby Bitzan, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, Spring, 2009, pg. 7

Winterizing Glitches
, Perry L. Hansen, Executive Director, Common Properties Management Cooperative, Winter 2014, pg. 12

Winter Maintenance for Heating Systems, Steve Schmidt, Nasseff Mechanical Contractors, Winter 2008, pg. 17

Winterization Checklist, Winter 2012, pg. 17

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