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MHA/CIC Midwest is a membership organization that provides education and resources to managers and board members of owner-occupied multi housing (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations). To learn more about membership, and to join, please visit the membership page.

Rules and Regulations

The following articles appeared in CIC Midwest News. They may be reprinted in your community association newsletter or circulated to your homeowners with the author's name on the article, and the following acknowledgement: "Reprinted with permission from CIC Midwest/Minnesota Multi Housing Association. For more information, go to www.CICMidwest.com"

Adopting a Smoke-Free Policy in Common Interest Communities, Brittany McFadden, Live Smoke Free program, Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota, Summer 2013, pg. 7

Airbnb - A New Challenge for Your Association? Matt Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson P.A., Summer 2015, pg. 8

Back Assessments for Maintenance and Violations? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Winter 2006, pg. 7 
Banning Home Businesses, Summer 2004, pg. 19
Can They Do That? – Questions about Rules & Regulations, Matthew Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, Summer 2014, pg. 16

Can We Dish? The Real Truth About Satellite Dish Rules, Dan Greenstein, Esq., Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Spring 2007, cover
Cats and Dogs, Spring 2005, pg. 15
Choosing Your Battles: Practical Tips on Enforcing Association Rules, Jeffrey C. O’Brien, Esq., Fall 2008, pg. 7
CIC Kids, Summer 2002, page. 11

Controlled Access Rules and Reminders, Donna E. Hanbery, Hanbery & Turner, P.A., Spring 2015, pg. 8
Conventional Domesticated Animals? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Summer 2006, pg. 19

Conventional Pets?  Fines for Disturbing the Neighbors?, Fall 2015, pg. 17
Creating and Enforcing Rules & Regulations, Daniel Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, P.A., Summer 2012, pg. 15

Creating a Resolution Policy, Spring 2015, pg. 12

Creating a Secondhand Smoke Policy in Your CIC, Warren Ortland, Esq., Public Health Law Center, William Mitchell College of Law, Summer 2010, pg. 15
Dealing with Renter Who Doesn't Follow Association's Rules, Legal Q & A, Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Winter 2007, pg. 3
Dog Gone Ruling, Fall 2001, pg. 7
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Pet Rules? Dan Greenstein, Bernick Lifson, Legal Q & A, Fall 2006, cover

Displaying Religious Items, Daniel B. Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson, PA, Spring 2015, pg.15
Drafting Association Rules That Make Sense, Gene Sullivan, New Concepts Management, Winter 2002, pg. 5
Enforcing Community Rules: Board Harassment or Association Harmony? Stephen Perillo, Fall 2001, pg. 7
Fines for Talking Disrespectfully, Legal Q & A with Dan Greenstein, Esq., Bernick Lifson,Winter 2013, pg. 16

Fines for Rule Infractions? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Summer 2005, pg. 7 

Interested in 55+ Living? Make Sure Your Association Doesn’t Get Sued, Legal Q&A with Dan Greenstein, Esq., Spring 2013, pg. 14

How to Enforce a Smoke-Free Policy, Laura Lebron, Live Smoke Free, Summer 2015, pg. 23

Is Airbnb a Fair B&B? Cities Grow Skeptical, Matt McKinney, Star Tribune, Summer 2015, pg.9

Maintaining a Uniform Appearance, Spring 2002, pg. 11

Nuisance Fines? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Summer 2006, pg. 19 

On the Lighter SideJustin Short, Esq., Best & Flanagan LLP, Spring 2013, pg. 11

Pet Peeves: Ineligible Pets and Temporary Cats, Legal Q & A, Dan Greenstein, Esq., Winter 2008, pg. 7

Playing by the Rules, Chad Johnson, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, LLC, Summer 2005, cover.

Pool Rules, Summer 2003, pg. 7

Rules for Oil Stains on Driveways? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Summer 2005, pg. 7 

Rules for Parking Cars? Dan Greenstein, Standke, Greene & Greenstein, Legal Q & A, Summer 2005, pg. 7 

Sample Resolution PolicySpring, 2007, pg. 11

Satellite Dishes in Common Interest Communities, Summer 2002, cover

That #*!%! Noisy Neighbor, Jim Rosvold, Omega Management Inc., Summer 2015, pg. 22

Tips & Traps Dealing With Pets, Marshall H. Tanick, Esq., & Jeffrey C. O'Brien, Esq., Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen, P.A., Fall 2007, pg. 5

Updating or Amending Your Rules and RegulationsPhaedra J. Howard, Esq., Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, Summer 2013, pg. 13

Why You Should Clean Up Your Dog’s Waste, Sean Wheatley, petwaste.com, Spring 2010, pg. 30

Writing Resolutions, Pat Butler, Westbrooke Patio Homes, Winter 2015, pg.17







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