The information provided on this resource page is for informational purposes only and not intended to be legal advice. It is designed to assist our members and other housing providers in understanding COVID-19 and the issues it raises, but it is not intended to address specific circumstances or business situations. For specific legal questions, please consult your legal counsel.


23 March 2020

State Rental Assistance Funding

MHA will continue to strongly advocate for additional state rental assistance resources to help renters during this difficult time. Rent payments are vitally important to sustain the safety and economic viability of multi-housing properties.

23 March 2020

Family Housing Fund Funding Resources

Resources that may be available for households impacted by the crisis are critical. The Family Housing Fund (FHF) has compiled a list of resources that will be helpful in navigating the various financial opportunities available for those in need.

23 March 2020

Essential Worker Status

Will multi housing employees be deemed essential and therefore exempt from a mandatory shelter-in-place order for work? MHA sent Governor Walz a letter last week strongly urging him to include our industry workers as essential.


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