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Speeding into 2019

Multi Housing Advocate, March 2019

I like fast things. I tend to do everything fast – driving, walking, talking, thinking. This past weekend my husband, kids and I went to the North Shore
to ride our snowmobiles; fast of course. Nothing helps you think better than the open air at 65 miles an hour. I think all the snow gear makes me feel invincible because I would never consider riding a motorcycle like that. This weekend’s thought went to our 2019 goals and the progress we’ve begun to make on them already, only 15 days in.

We are diving full force into 2019. In the area of membership, we’ve set a goal of gaining 65 new members. Already this year our membership committee has
participated in the Real Estate Journals Apartment trade show where they networked with over 660 individuals in the multi-housing space. I stopped by the
event and the energy at our booth was exciting and abundant.

One of our big initiatives for this year is taking a step back from the day-to-day and spending some time intentionally discussing our brand and our strategic identity. We are on our way to rolling out new logos and a manifesto of who we are. We’ve selected a consultant with whom I’ve had a great experience in this area. We are in the process of forming a shortterm task force representing the diversity of our membership base to assist with this process. Heck, we may even incorporate some color into that new logo.

We plan to take leaps and bounds in our education and careers space. On the education front we hope to expand many new programs to a digital state this year, saving you time and money to access these courses from the comfort of anywhere you choose. We also hope to roll out some leadership classes eventually leading to a full scope Leadership series. On the career front, we’ve already had many meetings with some local nonprofits in a partnership
effort to establish a program to launch young talent into the industry and hopefully make a dent in the maintenance and property management staffing shortage. Our vendor support team of Tom and Stacey have come up with some great new ways for you to express your excitement about the multi-housing industry that I know you will love, but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks before we reveal any of the details.

And of course, the legislative team is off and running fast and fierce. They held their first legislative committee meeting this past week and have been busy meeting with both party caucuses to filter out the issues. We are hearing it will be a very defensive approach at the capital this year, and we will continue to work fast on the ground to uproot any issues that may impact your businesses negatively.

As a team we just began reading Traction by Gino Wickman. We are tackling two chapters a week and discussing the content each week at our weekly meetings in hopes of implementing the elements we think will make us jive better as a team. Whether you are slow hatching into 2019 or diving right in like us, know that all of us at MHA are here to lend a hand when you need us.

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