Contact Your Legislator

The best reason to call a public official is to provide useful information.  Let an official know how a piece of legislation could affect the community.  Provide a first-hand account of the legislation’s real impact.

There are several other reasons to contact an elected official: 

  •  You may want to let the official know what you think about an issue that concerns you or that you know is going to be coming up.
  • You may want to ask what he or she is thinking about an issue, whether it is specific or broad.
  • Or you may want to simply get acquainted, so you’ve established some rapport if the time comes that you want to speak to the official about a specific issue that could impact your residents, your properties or your community.

Elected officials will be most responsive if you are one of their constituents - - if you live or own property in the legislator’s district.  Legislators generally try to honor meeting requests or to provide responses to constituents’ questions on issues and legislation.


Who Represents Me?