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The Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) was founded in 1967 to promote the highest standards in the development, management, and maintenance of rental multi housing. While members include the state's largest apartment management companies, developers, and providers of related products and services, the majority of our members own or manage fewer than 20 units each. Governed by our Board of Directors, all members of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association commit themselves to the ethical principles and standards of our Code of Ethics

Our collective work and impact are centered on the belief that, together, we can support stronger, more vibrant, and connected cities and provide more Minnesotans with multi-housing as a solution for home. Our members’ success is essential to Minnesota’s success. Because when our members can build successful businesses, it means more Minnesotans will have access to multi-housing with the attributes that are most important to them, whether that’s safe, amenity-rich, accessible, or all of the above.

MHA’s Strategic Identity Statement sets a focus on serving its members through three strategies.


Our Aspiration and Focus:

Support our members to provide more Minnesotans with multi-housing as a solution for home



Strategy 1:

Position MHA as a trustworthy partner and respected ally in multi-housing solutions.



Strategy 2:

Celebrate and elevate multi-housing as the choice of "home" for many Minnesotans.


Strategy 3:

Lead in developing innovative solutions that support mulit-housing, cities, and Minnesota's future.


What We Value

MHA members strive to do what’s best for their residents, their businesses, and Minnesota communities. Integrity is a baseline standard that should be upheld by all MHA members as we work toward reshaping the future of MHA and the impact we can have as a growing organization.


We uphold and support responsible, trustworthy stewardship and strive to deliver the highest standards of professional services for our members’ residents, partners, and communities.


We aim to be thought leaders and partners in multi-housing solutions and to help grow Minnesota’s economy through capital investments and economic impact.


We believe that by broadening partnerships, seeking new opportunities to collaborate, deepening relationships with our current members, and by building authentic relationships with member residents and the larger community, we can provide more Minnesotans with multi-housing as a solution for home.


We can expand the impact we have by introducing and championing new practices, efficiencies, and technologies that support our industry, our environment, and our members’ residents in creating and providing homes for themselves and their families.

Our Business Model

Our Mission:

Support the multi-housing industry through public policy leadership, educational opportunities, and communications and marketing in ways that enhance the industry for its members, its residents, and its communities.

Who We Serve:


Our Members:

We directly serve our approximately 1,900 members who own, manage, and service over 320,000 homes.

Through improving our members’ performance, we indirectly serve their residents and our broader communities.

Where We Work


We serve members throughout Minnesota.

Our activity is concentrated in the Twin Cities Metro Area, with regional chapters across the state.





What We Do


Advocacy organizing, information-sharing, and lobbying at the state and local levels; broadly, highlighting the industry strengths.

Information resources, such as data reports and templates, to help members’ operations.

Education state conferences, certification programs, classes (in-person and online)

Innovation - new practices, efficiencies, and technologies that support our members’ businesses and our environment.

How We’re Funded


Our approximately $2.4 million budget is funded through: