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Membership in MHA offers you the opportunity to present your company to large and varied group that makes purchasing decisions in the multi-housing industry. You will have access to MHA owners and managers of rental property, from duplex owners to CEOs of large national companies, and everyone in between. You will also have access to professional managers and board members of owner-occupied townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner associations, or common interest communities (CIC Midwest). Your membership entities you to market to both groups.




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Make the Most of Your Membership: Get Involved!

Be visible. Join committees. Work along side of the people you want to do business with. Attend networking events and speaker meetings. Assign one person from your company to be your MHA representative. Make sure he/she is at an MHA event 2-3 times per month. Make a marketing plan that combines all the opportunities available to you. Committing yourself to a variety of methods/impressions over a period of time is what works. Our members tell us that by working their MHA marketing plan, they can increase their business in only 18 months to two years. 


Make the Most of MHA Opportunities:

  • Changing the Game Product Show (Fall)
  • Working Together Product Show (Spring)
  • Product/Service Showcase
  • Annual Dinner
  • Golf Tournament
  • MADACS Awards
  • Orientation Luncheons
  • Charitable Outreach Fundraiser
  • Committee Meetings
  • Product/Service Council of Ambassadors
  • Industry fairs for owners of 1-50 units
  • Educational Classes and meetings
  • Greater Minnesota Opportunities 
  • CIC Midwest Lunch & Learns to owners/managers of townhomes/condos
  • CIC Midwest Awards Banquet


The key to growing your business through membership in MHA is directly related to your level of involvement in programs and events.


The potential return on your membership investment is great. It's always much easier and more fun to do business with people you know.

Your MHA membership includes a FREE 255 Character Listing in both our online Vendor Directory and our special Buyer's Guide editions of the Multi Housing Advocate magazine. You'll also be listed two ways: by company in the Vendor Pages, and by name in the Members Section. Our members look to these sources when they are ready to buy.

If you own property, but also have a product or service you would like to promote, you will need to join as a product/service member. General (owner/manager) members are not allowed to promote a product or service. 

Your annual renewal date falls on the anniversary date (month) that you joined MHA.

Annual Membership Dues:

Product/Service Membership: $672

Product/Service Affiliate Membership: $98

You must have a main member from your company before adding affiliates. Affiliate members are employees of a member company. If you want your staff members to be directly involved, receive timely information about marketing opportunities, and have their contact information listed. make sure you sign them up for an affiliate membership.

 PMAC Membership: $2,001

PMAC (Product/Service Multi Housing Action Council) members show their extraordinary commitment to the multi-housing industry through voluntary additional dues investment. This demonstrates their desire to protect the health of the industry. PMAC membership is open to only 25 members at any given time. As a PMAC Leader, your company receives additional exposure, benefits and recognition. Call MHA at (952) 854-8500 for more information.