Hotline: (952) 858-8222 Dial "0" for Voicemail

MHA's landlord/tenant hotline provides pre-recorded information on security deposits, leases, giving notice, discrimination and other topics related to rental statutes and rights. If your question is not answered within the recording, you may leave a message and one of our knowledgeable volunteers will return your call.

FAQ regarding professional rental property management 

Information intended as a brief response to frequently asked questions regarding rental property management in Minnesota. 


RentWise is a comprehensive curriculum that provides education and skills on renting. You can use the curriculum in one-on-one or group settings.  

RentWise is a useful teaching tool for:

  • Individuals who have low income.
  • Individuals who need to build credit and rental histories.
  • Individuals who are new to the country.
  • Individuals who are new to rental living or independent living.

HousingLink Beyond Backgrounds

Landlords may experience a higher amount of risk when renting to someone that doesn't meet their initial screening criteria. As a result, renters with criminal, credit and rental history barriers are having a difficult time finding a place to live.  Beyond Backgrounds was created to help.


Search for affordable rental housing vacancies and waiting list openings in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities suburbs, and throughout all of Minnesota.