Todd Liljenquist

Interim President

Vice President of Government Affairs

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The most rewarding part of my job is working with great people. We have a fantastic, professional staff and the most dedicated members of any trade association.

My favorite way of communicating with people is in-person communication. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I prefer interacting in person over every other means of communicating.

I used to play the cello in junior high and early high school but I wouldn’t remember the first thing about playing it today.

Aubrey Albrecht


Vice President of
Education & Operations

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Tom Cassidy


Publications Director

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The song that always makes me happy is "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Never underestimate the value of art.

My favorite movie is Fellini’s Satyrocin

Marty McDonough

Director of
Government Affairs

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I used to be a singer in a rock band in high school, and my bandmate’s father always told us how good we sounded when we practiced in his basement. He was wrong.
Somebody should invent
a way to apply sunscreen to a persons’ back without assistance from others.
A good committee is one that sticks to the agenda, and only meets when the members are given a task on the way out.

Mallory Ruppert

Technology Manager

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Personal items on my desk include a 1 cm tall cactus.

My favorite season is the fall, because Halloween rules.

The trick to staying on top of things is being organized and adaptable.

Stacey Caris

Meeting & Events Manager

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The best thing about this industry is that it provides stable careers. Many CEOs of the largest companies started out as caretakers or maintenance or leasing agents; there is a life-long career path in multi-family housing with plenty of room for advancement.

My favorite books is Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Not that I'd waste company time, but a big time-waster for me is showing the entire staff cute videos of my son, Grant.


Randy Marshall

Accountant/Benefits Administrator

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The perfect weekend includes tennis in the morning, lake in the afternoon.

Personal items on my desk include a jiggling Mutley!

My favorite season is winter, because it's nine months long.

Tenley Burns

Education Services Assistant

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In the morning, I always stop at Starbuck's for coffee.

A big time saver for is driving everywhere as fast as I can!

I used to be (keywords) one of the best swimmers in the Midwest.

Robin Kelly

Services Assistant

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The dream vacation I've yet to take is visiting London, England.

When I pick where we're eating we go to Popeye's.

The perfect weekend includes watching both of my sons playing ice hockey.

Emily Niemczyk


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When I pick where we’re eating, we go to any Asian themed (preferably with Sushi)!

My favorite season is Fall because I love my sweatshirt weather!

Cheap thrills for me include having a night to myself without any kid’s sports or events.