Cecil Smith

President & CEO

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More About Cecil

MHA is important to me because it helped me learn the business, grow my business, stretch my interests in policy and politics, and has now ultimately become my vocation.

When I have a chance, I like to watch my YouTube channels focused on SpaceX news and updates.

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, by the beach and never touched a snow flake.

Todd Liljenquist

Vice President of Government Affairs & COO

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More About Todd

The most rewarding part of my job is working with great people. We have a fantastic, professional staff and the most dedicated members of any trade association.

My favorite way of communicating with people is in-person communication. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I prefer interacting in person over every other means of communicating.

I used to play the cello in junior high and early high school but I wouldn’t remember the first thing about playing it today.

Aubrey Albrecht

Vice President of
Education & CINO

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More About Aubrey

The most rewarding part of my job is working with great staff and dedicated and passionate members…and bringing my dog Levon to the office to make everyone’s day.

The soundtrack to my life would include all Little Dragon songs, for every occasion. You may never have heard of them, but trust me, they are the best.

I can cook a mean cornbread and honey butter. The trick is to use real buttermilk and good quality butter and corn grits

Marty McDonough

Director of
Government Affairs

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More About Marty

I used to be a singer in a rock band in high school, and my bandmate’s father always told us how good we sounded when we practiced in his basement. He was wrong.
Somebody should invent
a way to apply sunscreen to a persons’ back without assistance from others.
A good committee is one that sticks to the agenda, and only meets when the members are given a task on the way out.

Stacey Caris

Director of Events

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More About Stacey

The best thing about this industry is that it provides stable careers. Many CEOs of the largest companies started out as caretakers or maintenance or leasing agents; there is a life-long career path in multi-family housing with plenty of room for advancement.

My favorite books is Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Not that I'd waste company time, but a big time-waster for me is showing the entire staff cute videos of my son, Grant.


Sandy Garbrecht

Membership Director

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More About Sandy

The perfect weekend includes a good cup of coffee (or maybe a Latte) in the morning, followed by a walk with my dog Finnegan in the afternoon and a delicious home-cooked meal in the evening. Then off to bed by 10 pm! (11 if I’m feeling sassy)
I think it’s important for people to
be kind to one another and approach everything with an attitude of gratitude.
If I could change one thing about my job it would be that I would have a magical tool to help me remember the name of every person I meet, because every person (and their name) is important and special!

Kyle Berndt

Director of
Public Policy

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More About Kyle

Never underestimate the value of having a plan which is flexible. Too often plans become rigid and will not allow adjustment to new developments or ideas.
The best present I ever got was
when I was a kid and received my first fishing pole.
When I have a chance, I like to watch The Mandalorian

Randy Marshall

Accountant/Benefits Administrator

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More About Randy

The perfect weekend includes tennis in the morning, lake in the afternoon.

Personal items on my desk include a jiggling Mutley!

My favorite season is winter, because it's nine months long.

Heather Bostrom

Publications Director

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More About Heather

My favorite movie is No Country for Old Men because it's a masterpiece

When I pick where we’re eating, we go to any place with Mexican food.

My favorite season is Spring because everything’s coming back to life, and winter is over!

Maren Willette

Education Manager

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More About Maren

What I love about my job are the abundant opportunities to collaborate with amazing people and to learn something new.

The perfect weekend includes diving into the pages of a book and going on walks with my two dogs.

When I select music, it generally will match either the weather or what I am doing.

Emily Niemczyk


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More About Emily

When I pick where we’re eating, we go to any Asian themed (preferably with Sushi)!

My favorite season is Fall because I love my sweatshirt weather!

Cheap thrills for me include having a night to myself without any kid’s sports or events.

Sandy Martin

Services Assistant

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More About Sandy

The perfect weekend includes brunch, disc golf, dinner out, and a show at a comedy club.

My favorite movies are Mel Brooks movies because they always makes me laugh.

When I select the music, it’s showtunes or Motown.

Madison Christensen

Events Assistant

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More About Madison

When I select the music, it’s almost always going to be Taylor Swift, Harry Styles or Role Model.

My favorite way of communicating with people is by sending them Tiktoks that made me laugh.

Cheap thrills for me include fast food and watching Netflix.