Code of Ethics

The Minnesota Multi Housing Association recognizes the vital role of our members in helping provide housing to meet the needs of Minnesota citizens. We acknowledge our responsibility to provide the highest possible standards of quality and service to multi-housing owners, residents, and communities in this state. Therefore, all members of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association commit themselves to these ethical principles and standards: 

1. We will strive to attain the highest levels of professionalism in ownership, management, and the sale of multi-housing properties. 

2. We will not deny equal housing opportunity, nor discriminate with regard to sales, services, rents, or fees because of any person's race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, sexual orientation, or familial status.

3. We will qualify prospective owners and residents only by objective evidence, obtained by lawful means, of their willingness and ability to meet their obligations and to abide by rules related to habitation and other residents' peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

4. We will not penalize, attempt to alter rent, sale, services, or fees, nor attempt the eviction or foreclosure of any residents for their good faith attempt to enforce or secure rights under their lease or the law, nor for any resident's good faith reporting of a health, safety, housing, or building code violation.

5. We will do our best to ensure that every residence we offer for rent or sale is in good repair and fit for the housing needs of our residents, and to repair any damage to the premise not caused by the wrongful act of the resident. In maintenance of our property, we will meet or exceed all applicable health and safety laws.

6. We will consider our residents to be valued business customers. We pledge to do our best to respond to resident's and owner's just complaints and resolve their valid grievances. No resident or owner shall be evicted or deprived of occupancy in any manner other than as provided by law.

7. As regards to rental property, we will return all security deposits with interest within the legal time limit or promptly furnish the residents specific reasons for our withholding of the deposit. We will withhold only the amount necessary to remedy rental default or rectify residents' failure to perform their required obligations.

8. We pledge to diligently adhere to all applicable Federal, State and Local laws governing housing.

Written complaints regarding any violation of this Code may be submitted to the Minnesota Multi Housing Association for investigation. The Minnesota Multi Housing Association reserves the right to withhold or rescind membership in this association for any member who knowingly violates this Code of Ethics.