Multi Housing PAC


The Multi Housing PAC is the state political action committee of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association. It is an important part of the rental housing industry’s government affairs program.

As a leader in the rental housing community, we encourage you to contribute to the Multi Housing PAC today.


Why should I contribute?

  • Election of pro-industry candidates. One way to counteract proposals negatively impacting the rental housing industry and the residents we serve is to support the election of individuals who would be advocates for our industry.
  • Visibility. PAC funds enable the industry to be visible with candidates and elected officials, and raise the issues important to our industry. This complements our advocacy efforts at the State Capitol.
  • Collective efforts. It is imperative to the success of our industry that we have a strong, unified voice. Multi Housing PAC funds ensure that we speak with that one voice as we collectively support candidates.  

Who can contribute?

The Multi Housing PAC can accept money from individuals or partnerships but cannot receive funds from corporations or LLCs.


How are the Multi Housing PAC funds used?

Funds are used to provide financial assistance to state candidates who understand the complexities of the multi housing industry and are supportive of the multi housing profession.


How to contribute?

MHA is recommending a contribution of $1.50 per unit. Contributions are being collected via credit card or check. The Multi Housing PAC can ONLY accept money from individuals or partnerships. We cannot receive funds from corporations or LLCs.


Credit Card Contribution


Check contributions mailed to:
Multi Housing PAC
7900 Xerxes Ave S, Ste 170, Bloomington, MN 55431

You must be logged into your MHA account for credit card contributions. For assistance please contact

Multi Housing Political Action Committee Disclaimer: This is a request for a personal contribution. Corporate contributions to the Multi Housing PAC are prohibited by law. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. Contributions cannot be accepted from foreign corporations or their subsidiaries, or foreign nationals. All contributions will be publicly reported in accordance with Minnesota campaign finance laws.