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Lunch & Learn: Planning and Budgeting for Tree Care
March 26, 2020
Presented by: Scott Anderson, Brock Eastlund, and Jeff Palmer, ISA Certified Arborists, SavATree

This presentation will cover the essentials of planning and budgeting for tree care, including pruning, remov-als, and plant health care, plus tree inventory and man-agement plans. Trees should be pruned for health and safety reasons, as well as aesthetics. Our certified arborists will explain why, when and the best ways to prune in various situa-tions. They will also outline considerations to take into account in the unfortunate case when trees must be removed. Insect and disease issues prevalent in the Twin Cities and options for treatment will be discussed. Optimal methods for the management of and budgeting for tree care will also be presented.

Vendor Show Exhibitors: Advanced Construction Services, Evo Roof Technologies, and SavATree