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Eviction Moratorium Extension

Author: MHA/Thursday, June 11, 2020/Categories: COVID-19

Eviction Moratorium Extension
Governor Walz announced yesterday that he will extend the peacetime emergency order for another 30 days. The current order is set to expire on Friday, June 12. The extension of the peacetime emergency will also extend the Eviction Moratorium for another 30 days.

Executive Order 20-73 is the revised Eviction Moratorium.

By extending the peacetime emergency, Governor Walz is required to call a Special Session so the legislature will convene on Friday, June 12 at noon. The duration of the Special Session is unclear at this point because once the Governor calls the legislature into Special Session, the legislature has full authority on when to adjourn.

Slight Turn of the Dial on the Eviction Moratorium
On Monday, we wrote the following to our members:

Governor Walz ever so slightly turned the dial on the Eviction Moratorium on Friday, June 5th to permit evictions and lease terminations “where the tenant seriously endangers the safety of others on the premises, including the common area and the curtilage of the premises, if the serious endangerment of others who are not residents is a material violation of the lease.” This language is in addition to the other exceptions for “where the tenant seriously endangers the safety of residents” or “for violations of Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 504B.171, subdivision 1.” However, this amendment to the Eviction Moratorium does not address broader resident behavior challenges facing managers in our industry.  

We are continuing to press for a further turn of the dial. Our primary concern has been the safety of others but member reports of extremely challenging circumstances with residents and the inability to terminate leases demands other changes to the Eviction Moratorium. We have requested that the Eviction Moratorium be amended to permit eviction actions for breaches of lease, or lease terminations and non-renewal of leases. Consistent with our own guidelines, evictions would be for circumstances other than for non-payment of rent.



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