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Preparing for New REAC & NSPIRE Rules

Presented by: Scott Precourt, US Housing Consultants

In 2018, HUD stated that there would be a new direction for REAC - one that places focus on every day compliance, inspections that are able to accurately portray what the condition of the property is like for residents on an average day, not just after a maintenance fire drill. Proper physical compliance on properties needs to be a vigilant process, one that is constantly in motion and always striving to be better.

REAC rules have been steadily changing over the last three years. Now, HUD has indicated a series of new changes to the inspection process. HUD REAC is creating a new inspection protocol - NSPIRE, which promises to reinvent the entire process of inspections and appeals. These new requirements will be much more than just a new inspection checklist.
An Introduction to HUD NSPIRE - More Than a New Checklist

HUD REAC is moving from a process based in risk assessment of assets, to an expectation that properties to be maintained at full compliance every day; which requires new thinking on how properties are managed, developed, and financed. In this workshop, we will review both what needs to be done during this transition and what NSPIRE brings for the future. This covers much more than just tricks to get through a single inspection, but ways to think about your organization, budget, and challenges for staff at every level of a company.
Staying in Compliance with REAC

This workshop is designed to discuss the fundamentals of REAC Compliance and the UPCS Inspection Protocols, as well as all of the recent updates and expected changes. This session includes a high-level review of the UPCS Inspection Code, REAC Scoring, the new rules and updates. This classroom session is a terrific resource for managers, maintenance, and executives who want to understand what needs to be addressed on their properties at all times to ensure that the property is well prepared at all times and non-compliance risks can be identified and eliminated.
What's Next for REAC?

HUD is releasing a series of reforms, defining what they consider to be the threshold by which they will cite non-compliance. What they have not defined is what good or optimal means - just what the threshold for failure is. Currently their proposed reforms run counter to their pronouncements that they wanted to end "preparing for the test". Their response thus far is to provide a new test. In this workshop, we wlll discuss:

  • Optimal Compliance Standards
  • Removing barriers to operating at a state of perpetutal compliance
  • Looking at HUD's minimum compliance guidelines not as a target to achieve, but a target to avoid. Create standards which target doing the best possible, not just aiming for enough to get by.

Materials Provided:    

  • Comprehensive Guide to UPCS/REAC Compliance - Full Manual
  • Presentation Guide

Who Should Attend:

Both Leadership and Front-Line staff would benefit from the workshop. Executive and leadership positions need to understand how to effectively staff their properties, monitor performance, and understand risks of non-compliance. Regional and site level staff need to understand requirements, consequences, standards for performance, and precisely what the standards are for both compliance and optimal conditions.

  •  Owners, Executive Staff, Company Leadership
  •  Regional Managers and Regional Maintenance
  •  Site Managers and Site Maintenance


Plus, lunch is included!

Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: MHA - 1600 W 82nd St Suite 110, Bloomington, MN 55431
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