2023 CTG EXPO PROSPECTUS by Stacey Caris


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While the show/conference is open to those in multi-family, please note our Product/Service Policy for those not exhibiting:

  • Non-participating Product/Service Vendors may not promote their product or service at the show in any way, and will be escorted through the show by a committee member. MHA staff will reach out the week prior to schedule your individual tour time. Those who show during the busiest times or outside of their appointment will not be guaranteed a tour/access to the show.
  • Non-exhibiting vendors may not wear company gear, distribute business cards or materials, or talk about your business to attendees or exhibitors. Attendees who show up in logoed wear will be turned away.
  • Non-exhibiting vendors may not participate in any giveaways, drawings, or contests.
  • Attendees found in violation will be subject to consequences, up to and including immediate removal from the show floor and probation for future MHA events.

These policies are strictly enforced as we must honor and respect the exhibitors who are paying for this opportunity to promote their business. When you pay to exhibit at a meeting you will appreciate having the same policy apply to your competitors. This “suitcasing” policy isn’t unique to MHA, it is standard in all industries where product/service companies pay for the right to exhibit at an event that their customers attend.

If you wish to promote your business, we still have a few exhibit spaces available. Please see above.

This is a private show and MHA reserves the right to remove anyone from the show floor.