Rush (don't walk) to RiverCentre!

Location: Exhibit Hall A/B | St. Paul Rivercenter | 175 West Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul

Show Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Space Selection: Spaces will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis with completed contract and deposit
(full payment for non-members). MHA does not assume responsibility for location of exhibit space selected or its proximity to any other vendors. Send your best reps! MHA does not guarantee you won’t be near/adjacent to competitors.

Show Floor Plan

While the show is open to all, please note our Product/Service Policy for those not exhibiting: 

Non-participating Product/Service Members may not promote their product or service at the show. We must honor and respect the exhibitors who are paying for this opportunity to promote their business. Non-exhibiting vendors may not wear company gear, distribute business cards or talk about your business to attendees or exhibitors. When you pay to exhibit at a meeting you will appreciate having the same policy apply to your competitors. This “suitcasing” policy isn’t unique to MHA, it is standard in all industries where product/service companies pay for the right to exhibit at an event that their customers attend.

COVID UPDATE: We are paying close attention to the CDC recommendations and any requirements by the event center and state/county. MHA will be following those requirements regarding both the Conference and Products Show.

NEW VIP Spaces! Quad Suites

Includes your choice of exhibit space anywhere on the floorplan except the first three “rows” which are considered premier spaces, and two tickets to the closing keynote with featured speaker PJ Fleck.



Everyone is welcome to attend MHA’s Changing the Game Products Show. Here you will see many of the products, services and innovations our exhibitors have to offer to an association whose membership represents over 400,000 units. In order to protect the investment of these exhibitors, non-participating vendors are not allowed on the floor if: they are wearing vendor company related apparel; carrying a briefcase or a box without letting show management see the content (no brochures, sales materials, etc); or any items (pens, business cards included) to distribute to exhibitors or guests at this show. Please respect this policy as we will do the same when you participate in a future show.

This is a private show and MHA reserves the right to remove anyone from the show floor.