April 16th kicked off our two day Working Together Conference.  This year the closing keynote speaker was a gentleman by the name of Chad Weinstein from Ethical Leaders in Action.

Fearless Disruption

Fearless Disruption . . . two words I didn’t expect to be using in this column and in my role in multi-housing. But we all experience times and situations in which we need to be not just confident and informed, but fearless.

The Morning After

The morning after a big event you always feel a sense of exhaustion and, depending upon how that event played out, you may feel elation or frustration. I’m writing this the morning after MHA’s 2019 Presidential Gala and I can say I definitely feel exhaustion and elation.


Whatever way you choose to show leadership in 2019 by developing a personal relationship with MHA, I hope that you feel you get a two-for-one in outcome versus effort. As a member supported organization, MHA stands ready to create a wonderful experience for you in whatever way you choose to engage with us..

Speeding into 2019

Whether you are slow hatching into 2019 or diving right in like us, know that all of us at MHA are here to lend a hand when you need us.


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