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Multi Housing Advocate, April 2019

In March we will say goodbye to some fine leaders and Board Members of MHA. I was only able to work with them a short while so I am hopeful that
they will come back around again and be a part of MHA 3.0. The following Board members will be ending their current terms; Curt Fluegel, Erin Fransen, Chris Sherman, Stuart Simek, Shawn Brannan, Mike Stevens, Sarah Kohler, and (past president) Jon Riley. The last Board meeting was held February 14, 2019 for these leaders. We will celebrate their success and welcome in a new class of Board members on March 14, 2019 at our Presidential Gala & Annual Meeting at Golden Valley Country Club.

One thing I have learned over time is that leadership is personal. Good leadership takes having a personal connection with each and every one you lead. Developing a personal connection with everyone you lead takes time. For these eight outgoing MHA Board members, I did not have enough time to develop that personal connection, but I hope to continue to develop those relationships in other work and social activities at MHA.

Reflecting on this got me thinking about other ways I can continue to maintain a relationship with these individuals and also establish a relationship with many other MHA members. Maybe as an MHA member in 2019 you challenge yourself to develop a personal relationship with MHA (and any of our wonderful staff). But maybe the Board “thing” is not “your thing.” We have many ways of doing this. I thought I’d create a top 10 list and came up with 15 instead. Consider these;

1. Join one of our 14 Committees. MHA puts on a lot of events/programs each year and we can not do it without the help of our dedicated committee members.

2. Get involved in our legislative efforts. There is a lot going at the city and state levels of government. We can use all the brains and voices we can get.

3. Submit for a MADACS award! You might even find your inner creative side.

4. Help us serve a meal the first Tuesday evening of each month at People Serving People. You get to hang with cool MHA members and feel good about what you are doing with your time.

5. Help recruit members for us.

6. Apply to become an instructor for MHA.

7. Form a team and golf with us at the Golf outing.

8. Stop by and say “Hi!” We are always open for visitors, especially if you bring a dog or sweets with you.

9. Attend one of the Brew Tour Happy Hours, classes, Showcases, or Investors Club meetings.

10. Volunteer to help us with a new member orientation.

11. Volunteer to mentor a New Member.

12. Volunteer to represent us at a Career Fair.

13. Share our LinkedIn Stories, Tweets and Facebook posts.

14. Better yet; give us content for LinkedIn, Tweets, Facebook and the Advocate

15. Invite me to coffee to talk housing. Did I tell you I love to talk housing? My family is sick of talking housing with me. Please invite me to coffee to talk housing!

Whatever way you choose to show leadership in 2019 by developing a personal relationship with MHA, I hope that you feel you get a two-for-one in outcome versus effort. As a member supported organization, MHA stands ready to create a wonderful experience for you in whatever way you choose to engage with us..

Sincerely, Nichol Beckstrand, President

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