Getting to the Heart of the Chaos

The challenges and difficulties I have had (and many of you have had I’m sure) in 2018 are not lost on me. At this point my husband and I are just glad we survived. We are ready to give a fierce farewell to 2018 and welcome in 2019 and all its new challenges.

A Caring Culture of Acheivment

A Caring Culture of Achievement. I crafted this tag line during my years in public accounting. I remember that time well. CliftonLarsonAllen (Larson Allen Weishair and Co. at the time),


Here it goes….my first Advocate article as the new President of MHA. Everyone tells me this will be the easiest one. I’d like to accomplish a few items in this first message: 1) introduce you to myself and my family; 2) ask you to reach out to me; 3) thank Mary Rippe for her wonderful service; and, 4) set the stage for 2019.


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