Certified Residential Manager: Module 6

Physical Plant

MHA Professional Education 0 47

This course will cover the physical upkeep of your building including routine and preventative maintenance, building systems and curb appeal. Learn how to diagnose common maintenance problems yourself and communicate with your maintenance technicians confidently and effectively. Plus! You’ll take away practical knowledge of fire safety, community planning and prevention techniques so you can maximize your chances of averting a disaster before it happens.

Certified Residential Manager: Module 5

Marketing & Advertising

MHA Professional Education 0 45
One of the most essential ingredients in successful property management is financial management. Your owner expects that you will maximize income while ensuring every dollar is spent wisely. You’ll learn the different ways income is generated and/or lost and the ensuing impact on the bottom line, how to read and understand financial statements and budgets, how write a high-quality and relevant budget and how to maximize NOI and cash flow.

Certified Residential Manager: Module 4

Management & Personal Development

MHA Professional Education 0 45
Whether you are new to management or an experienced supervisor, leading and managing employees is often the toughest part of the job. You'll achieve new insight into how to make yourself a better leader, manager and motivator. In addition, the course will cover interviewing, hiring, discipline and termination of employees.

Certified Residential Manager: Module 3

Budgeting & Financial Management

MHA Professional Education 0 47
Whether your property is luxury, middle of the road or subsidize, you cannot keep it fully occupied without effective marketing and leasing skills, a thorough understanding how to effectively set rents in an apples-to-apples comparison to your competitors and a keen grasp on retaining your current residents.

Certified Residential Manager: Module 1


MHA Professional Education 0 48

Every manager must understand the laws that govern the apartment industry and affect all aspects of how a property is managed. Gain valuable knowledge regarding the laws that govern apartment operations including leases, landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, the intricacies and practical applications of fair housing laws and an in-depth exploration of the eviction process.

Certified Residential Manager Program

MHA Professional Education 0 50

The Certified Residential Manager (CRM) program, offered by the Minnesota Multi Housing Association, is a comprehensive overview of property management theory, marketing, landlord/tenant law, budgeting, fair housing law, preventive maintenance and much more. The CRM program provides training in all aspects of market-rate residential property management; tailored for those building a career in the industry. Successful graduates earn a designation that is recognized and respected in the multi-housing industry, both in Minnesota and nationwide. 


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